Web Site Design & Development

Our custom designs are carefully crafted to meet your needs, enhance your image and closely integrate with your other customer message vehicles emphasizing a consistent look and feel that enhances your total marketing message.  We can design a new web site for you or renovate an aging existing site.  We can handle the entire process or just a part of it.  If you already have a design in mind, or just need changes/additions to an existing design, we can help you out.

Once you have a site, it's important to keep it updated.  Regular changes and updates help keep you ranking high in search engines.

Web Site Hosting

We can take care of the details of securing your domain name and setting up your site on the web.  We have some of the best prices in town for web hosting.  Need a new place to put your business or personal web site?  Give us a call.

When it comes to your web site, we can do as much or as little as you want us to do.  After we set it up, you can maintain the site yourself or let us handle everything.

Pinecones after the ice stormSearch engine optimization and web marketing

People can not visit your web site if they can not find it.  Most people use search engines to locate new web sites and seldom look beyond the first page of displayed search results.  Search results are based upon a complicated ranking system that is always being modified to do a better job of showing the searcher the most relevant sites.  Steam Graphics specializes in modifying a web site so that search engines rank it higher for important key phrases. No one can guarantee top search engine ranking.  Ranking is a combination of optimal page layout, key phrase placement, incoming links from other web sites, length of time a site has been up, the site's previous ranking history and more.  What we can do is help you present your web site in the best way to achieve optimum ranking.

We can formulate and execute a web marketing strategy focused on bringing new targeted visitors into your web site. We can use a combination of targeted search engine optimization, banner ads, subscription e-newsletters and e-flyers as web marketing tools.

Logo Design

Logo Design

Let us design a professional logo for your business. We can take care of designing and printing your business cards and letterhead, or just provide you the artwork. It's your choice.

Banner Ad Design

Advertising your business on the web is fast becoming a requirement instead of an option. Besides being listed with search engines, you may seriously want to consider placing banner ads on sites that relate to your business. You will need a professional looking banner ad to get the viewer's attention. We can create static, animated GIF's, or even Flash ads to make you tastefully stand out from the crowd.

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Digital Photography

Mighty Maple

We can use your photos, or if you're in Northwest Ohio, we can come and take photos of your business, equipment, and product line. We can also scan your existing prints, slides, logo, or letterhead.

Please visit our Photo Gallery to see our photo portfolio.

Photo Restoration

We can scan your favorite old portrait or photograph, perform any necessary touchup, and provide you with reprints. You can choose from wallets up to 20x30 poster size. Please visit our Photo Gallery to see sample restorations.

Photo Retouching and Manipulation

We can use your photos, or if you're in Northwest Ohio, we can come and take photos of your business, equipment, and product line. We can also scan your existing prints, slides, logo, or letterhead.

The first two pics below were scanned from 3.5" x 4.25" photographs. The two photos were of an original homestead log cabin near Perrysburg, Ohio that was moved off the farm many years ago.  By stitching the two photos together, we were able to present a pic of the entire log cabin. With the digital file, the client can now get reprints and enlargements.

log cabin 1 +  log cabin 2 =  log cabin complete
Click on each pic to see a larger image.

Canandaigua Lake - New York - Panarama photo Canandaigua Lake ~ New York ~ panarama photo
Panarama is made from 6 different photos joined together.

Yes, We Can Do That

Are you spending too much time on the phone talking to potential customers? Perhaps you are looking for a web site that could provide the up front information that potential customers ask. A web site could handle the initial customer contact, answer common questions, provide examples of your work, information about the areas you work in, your price structure, and when the next opening in your schedule will be. The goal is to provide a professional quality image for your company, filter out people who want different kinds of work, are outside your work area, or can not wait until your next opening. Then the web site can encourage the most likely real customers to contact you via e-mail.

It is important to maintain your site to keep it current and provide fresh information for your viewers. If your site gets stale, people will stop returning. Also, web search engines will rank a site higher or lower depending upon how often changes are made or how long it has been since the site has changed. Static is bad.

Whether you are looking for a simple single page site to act as an Internet business card or a large complex site, we can design and build it for you without hidden costs.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

We have the POWER to run your web site


We can work on any size project on an hourly basis or for an amount specified by a signed contract, whichever makes you more comfortable.

Pricing a web site is a little like asking how much does a house cost. We need to know detailed information before we can provide a quote.  Detailed quotes can often take several hours to create. 

The initial consultation along with a ball park estimate is free, however we reserve the right to bill for any travel expenses.  Detailed web site quotes require the site structure to be predesigned along with an outline of what content goes on each page.  Since web site structure design is the foundation of a web site, the time spent designing the structure will be included in the proposal price.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and ideas!

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