"I am so excited about smw coming up #1 on Googling. Thank you SO MUCH! No one can ever say you don't know what you're doing!!!!! I so appreciate what you do!"
Sharon Williams, Certified Funeral Celebrant

"Just wanted to let you know about some comments some customers have made about the website;
Very well done - easy to use - easy to navigate - very clear on how to find what they were looking for.
Just thought I'd let ya know!!!!!"

Jeff Pettit, CM
Artistic Memorials, LTD.

"When you and I first started discussing websites, I had no idea of what all is involved in designing them. Now, thanks to you, I have two sites that I am very proud of. The work you do is so impressive - not only the technical aspects, but the artistry and drive for perfection that you always provide. You are, without a doubt, my only choice in designing websites."
Sharon Williams, Certified Funeral Celebrant

"Posters arrived Saturday and Boy did you do a great job! These really came out nice."
Jeff Wilson
Marine Tech Concepts

"I felt in order for my business to be successful I needed a business web site.  You made suggestions and totally created my website to obtain this proper exposure I had envisioned.  To you, this project seemed effortless.  I can’t believe that you not only designed my web site, but also my great business logo! Your creative artwork and eye for marketing details helped my business become extremely successful!  You designed me a masterpiece!"
Vicki S. Burkhardt N.D.
Burkhardt Natural Living

"The website looks GREAT!! We have had new business customers walk through the door already. Also, our current customers have noticed as well... They have had great comments on it as well. Thanks!!"
Laurel Perram
Mike's Dockside Service

"I am happy with the way things look and have never experienced any problems with things I have requested from you.  They are always completed in a timely fashion.  I believe I can speak for Jeff as well as myself that we are very happy with what you have done for us! "
Karen Hoover
Marine Tech Concepts

"Awesome job on the website! Between my ideas & your expertise, I really feel you have designed one of the best websites in the monument industry. One thing I really liked was being involved with the website from start to finish. It had been several years since it was updated & you have given it a much needed overhaul. You were a pleasure to work with & I have & will continue to recommend your services. Thanks again for a great job."
Jeff Pettit, CM
Artistic Memorials, LTD.

"YOU ARE SOOO TALENTED - not to mention CARING...many people can be talented, but it seems there are less and less who, in the fast pace of life, take the time to be caring."
Sharon Williams, Certified Funeral Celebrant

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